What Is an IRS Audit Attorney (and What’s Its Fee)?

What Is an IRS Audit Attorney (and What's Its Fee)?

What Is an IRS Audit Attorney (and What’s Its Fee)?

Discover ‘What Is an IRS Audit Attorney (and What’s Its Fee)?’ in our latest guide.

When facing an IRS audit, one can feel overwhelmed and uncertain. A crucial resource that could alleviate these feelings and provide professional guidance is an IRS Audit Attorney. But what exactly does this legal professional do, and what might their services cost you? In this article, we aim to answer these pressing questions and offer comprehensive insights into the role and cost structure of an IRS Audit Attorney.

Understanding the Role of an IRS Audit Attorney

Have you heard of an IRS audit attorney? It’s a big job. Let’s learn more about it.

Definition and Functions

Think of an IRS audit attorney as a helper. They help people who have problems with their taxes. The IRS, short for Internal Revenue Service, sometimes checks people’s taxes closely. This is called an audit. During an audit, the attorney is like a guide. They explain tax rules that are hard to understand. For instance, they might tell someone why a certain rule affects their tax return. They also talk to the IRS about the person being audited. This help can make the audit less scary.

When You Might Need One

There are many times you might need an IRS audit attorney. But the main reason is if the IRS sends you a letter. This letter might tell you that they’re going to audit your tax return. You may also need an attorney if you owe the IRS money. This is called tax debt. Taxes can be confusing. So, having an expert to help can be a good idea. They can also explain what you can do. For example, they can help you make a plan to pay the IRS if you owe them money.

Skills and Expertise of an IRS Audit Attorney

What can an IRS audit attorney do? What do they know? Let’s take a look.

Education and Licensing

An IRS audit attorney is a kind of lawyer. They learn a lot about taxes and rules, which is called tax law. They have to pass big tests to prove they know their stuff. After they pass, they get a special license. This license shows they are real tax pros.

Areas of Specialization

These lawyers also know about other things. For example, they understand how the tax court works. This is a place where people go to solve tax problems. They know all the steps to follow. They can also explain hard parts like deductions. This is when you get to pay less tax because you spent money on certain things.

It can also speak for you. They can talk to the IRS on your behalf. They can try to make a deal to solve tax problems. For instance, they might help you pay less if the IRS thinks you owe more than you do. They’re skillful at these things.

Finally, these attorneys can meet with you to talk about your problems. This is called a consultation. They’ll listen and offer help. So, if you’re having a tough time with your taxes, think about getting a tax pro to help. It could really be worth it.

The IRS Audit Process and the Attorney’s Role

What happens during an IRS audit? What does a tax attorney do? Let’s find out.

Types of Audits and Odds

There are different types of tax audits. Sometimes, an IRS agent might come to your place. This is called a field audit. Sometimes, the audit happens at an IRS office. This is called an office audit. The chances of you getting audited can depend on things. Like the kind of tax form you fill out.

IRS Audit Representation

A tax attorney can help during an audit. They can talk to the IRS for you  and answer the IRS’s questions. They know a lot about tax laws, after all.

How They Can Help

A tax attorney can help in many ways. They can also try to reduce how much you owe.

In the end, whether you need a CPA or tax attorney depends on your situation. A CPA is someone who can help with your taxes. They can help if you’re being audited. Both are helpful, but they do different things.

How to Choose the Right IRS Audit Attorney

How do you find the best IRS audit attorney? Let’s learn some tips.

What to Look for in an Attorney

When choosing an attorney, find someone who knows about tax laws. This is very important. They can help if you’re being checked by the IRS. They should understand different kinds of checks, like mail checks.

Understanding Legal Fees

Legal fees are what you give your attorney. Sometimes, they charge for each hour they work. Other times, you’ll get a bill for a total amount. You might pay this total in parts, called installments.

Tax Attorney vs. Other Money Helpers

When you have tax problems, different people can help. You might employ a tax attorney. Or, you might employ other money helpers. Your chances of being checked and your situation can help you decide.

What to Expect

Lastly, it’s good to know what to expect. You will have to pay for your attorney’s help. But, they’ll try their best to help you with your IRS check.

The Cost of Hiring an IRS Audit Attorney

Let’s talk about how much it costs to hire an IRS audit attorney.

How Attorneys Charge

IRS audit attorneys usually charge in two ways. They can ask for an hourly wage. Or, they could charge by the hour. That means you pay one big amount, no matter how long they work.

What They Do For You

These attorneys do a lot for you. For example, they represent you. They talk to the IRS for you. They also help resolve any issues with your tax file. This means they help fix any problems you have with your taxes.

Why It’s Worth It

It can help you a lot. They can help negotiate with the IRS. That means they talk to the IRS to try and get the best result for you. With the right attorney, you can save your money in the end.

Benefits of Hiring an IRS Audit Attorney

Let’s chat about why hiring an IRS audit attorney can be a great thing for you.

Making Tax Issues Less Scary

Tax issues can be scary, right? But, a tax professional can make it less scary. They know a lot about taxes, so they can help guide you. They’re like your personal tax guide.

Saving Money

Hiring a tax attorney can save you money. So, while you pay them for their help, they can help lower your total tax expense. In other words, they can help make your tax bill smaller.

Peace of Mind for Taxpayers

Are you worried about your taxes? An IRS audit attorney can give you peace of mind. That means they can help you feel less worried. After all, they’re experts in handling tax issues.

Tax Attorney vs CPA

Maybe you’re wondering if you should hire a CPA or a tax attorney. Both can help with taxes, but a tax attorney can also represent you in court. This can be very helpful if you have serious tax issues.

FAQs About IRS Audit Attorneys

What happens if I can’t pay an IRS audit attorney?

If you can’t pay an IRS audit attorney, don’t worry. Some attorneys can create a payment plan for you. This makes it far less overwhelming for you. It’s important to do everything right and to avoid any penalty.

Will an IRS audit attorney help me if my returns were audited over the telephone?

Yes, an IRS audit attorney can help if your returns were audited over the telephone. They also ensure the IRS is treating you fairly. Be sure to check all the IRS audit statistics.

What does it mean when an attorney can “represent” me?

When an attorney can “represent” you, it means they can speak for you. They can talk to the IRS on your behalf. They can help explain your situation and try to solve any problems.

How does an IRS audit attorney decide how much to charge?

An IRS audit attorney might charge based on how complex your case is. If your case is hard and will take a lot of work, they may charge more. But, they should explain their fees before they start helping you.


So, let’s wrap this up. An IRS audit attorney is a helper for people with tax issues. They can represent you and talk to the IRS for you. They can help make your tax problems far less scary. If you’re having trouble with your taxes, consider hiring an IRS audit attorney. They might just be the guide you need to navigate your tax journey. When it comes to taxes, it’s always a good idea to feel comfortable and proceed with confidence.

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