About Financopedia

Who we are?

We’re Financopedia. Our mission is to help everyone make confident financial decisions. We’re building a team with the knowledge, passion, and skills to achieve finance autonomy.

 We collect thousands of data points to ensure our research is accurate, and we always base our research on the needs of our readers. Over time, we study the changing preferences, behaviors, and expectations of customers.

Our Goal

The mission of Financopedia is to provide information on tax and financial issues to individuals and small businesses. Our goal is to provide true value to our readers by assisting them in finding answers to their finance questions, no matter where they live. 

Our goal is to help you make the right decisions by helping you understand key insights from our data. As an authoritative source, we aim to assist businesses in making a more informed buying decision by answering essential questions. For each type of business we research, review, and recommend products we believe are the best.


We believe that financial, tax, and accounting management information is lacking in clarity and accuracy. Consequently, we created a reliable source of information.