Advertising disclosure

TEAM earns income through affiliate commissions.

Our content is original and valuable, and it often includes reviews of the products that we have tested and evaluated. Through affiliate links, we earn commissions from some of the products reviewed and recommended on our pages. We are paid whenever a user clicks on an affiliate link in one of our pages and makes a purchase.

Why do we use affiliate links? 

Since we do not want to display ads, we use affiliate links. Our visitors enjoy the experience of an ad-free content experience.

Furthermore, we are able to offer our readers the best deals through affiliations and partnerships. We update the product information regularly. Additionally, we provide tips the readers can follow, along with links to additional resources.

Are affiliate links a factor in our product reviews?

No. Neither the affiliate links nor our recommendations are affected by affiliate links.

All of our products are tested anonymously, and affiliate links are obtained after the review is published.

During the review process, we gather a great deal of information about the products. We are constantly searching for new products that will offer our visitors the most value.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback. This is clearly stated on many of our pages, and we encourage users to email us about their opinion of the content. In order to improve, we strive to be professional and listen to our readers.

Editorial guidelines

In order to maintain editorial integrity, we follow the following guidelines:

  • We only recommend products and services that we would be happy to use ourselves.
  • The editorial and commercial teams work separately.
  • When we think they are a good recommendation for our readers, we link to many products or services we don’t have an advertising relationship with. Therefore, we do not require a commercial relationship with a company in order to recommend it.
  • We strive to recommend the best offer for any given product or service. You won’t pay more for our advertisers and affiliate links, and sometimes you can save money where we have negotiated a discount for our readers.
  • We’re open to feedback. Whenever we receive consistent feedback that a product or service we recommend is a poor choice, we reevaluate how we rate it and if we recommend it.